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Unstable Color

Exposición individual, Ekho Gallery, Santiago, Chile, 2019.

Solo Exhibition, Ekho Gallery, Santiago, Chile, 2019.

This series presents itself as an exhaustive study into the expressive quality of color and its plastic interactions through organically deformed rhythmic compositions.

Beginning with a periodic structure of solid, saturated color bands arranged on a flat surface, the artist intervenes in the totality of the work, inducing a deformation. This transformation allows for the exploration of chromatic possibilities and the tension that arises when the intensity and periodicity of color are simultaneously contrasted with the unstable fluidity of form.

This series develops and expands the concept of color as an entity in constant evolution in the eyes of the viewer. In this way, it seeks to challenge conventional perceptions of the relationship between color and form, offering a perspective that evokes the changing and sometimes conflicting nature of these two artistic dimensions.

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