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Time Disks

Discs of Time is a series that embarks on a geometric exploration, utilizing the circular form as a symbolic representation of cyclical time.

Through the intricate arrangement of thousands of repeated and morphed organic patterns, constructed into metallic-appearing discs, the artist strives to mirror the abstract and ethereal geometry that humans witness in nature. This spectacle of nature, abundant with organic symmetries and visual instabilities, is then transposed into a visual experience that alludes to both time and light.

The series encapsulates a personal interpretation of the repetitive patterns discovered within nature, along with the elusive concept of time. By superimposing organic patterns and arranging them in a circular configuration, the aim is to symbolize our experience of time: recurring yet never quite identical cycles. Thus, this series serves as an endeavour to visualize the relentless yet fluctuating progression of time, and the manifold ways this concept resonates within our perception of light and the natural world.

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